Luciano Jardim

Art Director | Visual Designer

From Brazil. Tired of 3rd world problems. Now living, working and dealing with 1st world problems in Sydney, Rome, Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam, while attending clients in 3 continents.

Selected clients: Colgate/Palmolive, Danone, Dell, Desperados, Google, Heineken, Mazda, PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard, Philips, PlayStation, Porsche, Renault, Three Mobile and Volkswagen.



Together with the good people at Achtung! I've assemble nothing less than 72 poster designs and variations for the launch of this new Google service in The Netherlands.



A quite exciting execution for the launch of the PS Vita in Ireland. We had to assemble containers that would travel the country promoting the new platform. And for that we got the local graffiti artist James Earley to really bring their exterior to life.


Play Everywhere

To wrap-up the year, the agency CKSK decided to wrap it's own building during Christmas time with an 8-bit style breakdown game. Probably the first ever interactive projection mapping of its genre. And a quite exciting and rewarding project to be part of.

Strongbow Gold

The Strongbow World

The World of Strongbow, the central piece of the Strongbow Gold website. Also a complex parallax and interactive structure of over 8.000 pixels wide; made out of hundreds of stock imagery, dozens of 3D renders, backstage footage from the TV ad, two photoshoots and long restless hours in front of the computer.


Cup Rugby

This is the main promotional visual for the launch of the Heineken Cup Rugby App in Ireland, which served as the base for the whole campaign around the launch of the new service.



Project developed together with TBWA Tequila for the launch of the Your Heineken initiative in Ireland. A series of events happened in the three main cities of the country - Dublin, Cork and Galway.